System usage agreement

Description and terms of service

  1. “Safer” is software provided by a. Epstein Technologies Ltd. (hereinafter: the “Company”) which includes a comprehensive package of unique management tools for computer rooms (hereinafter: “Safer” and/or the “Software” and/or the “System”).
  2. The goals of the software are intended to simplify and optimize the activities of computer rooms, which are rooms for providing computer use and communication services to regular and/or occasional customers (hereinafter: “computer rooms”), while providing a cluster of features and capabilities to the user and/or manager of the use of the software (hereinafter : “the user” and/or “the customer”), which include, among others, the following usage functions:

2.1. User management: The software allows the owners and/or users of the computer rooms to create, manage and monitor user accounts, with each user having a unique account that includes personal information. User account data is stored and saved securely and encrypted.

2.2. Computer management: The software provides an interface for managing computers, tablets and the payment stations, in a way that includes the ability to supervise the use of the computer stations, follow up on maintenance requirements and handle other tasks related to the operation of the computer room.

2.3. Monitoring of usage time: You can use the software to automatically monitor the duration of the usage time of the users in the computer rooms, among other things for the purposes of billing and collection, allocation of resources, optimization of the service to users, and more.

2.4. Billing and payment: The software includes a comprehensive billing and payment system in which the level of pricing and user billing can be defined based on the duration of use or by adjusting selection criteria, and payments can be made directly through the software in a variety of payment methods for the user’s convenience.

2.5. Reports and data: the software provides a variety of tools for generating reports and analyzing data. Owners and system users can track usage patterns and user behavior, revenues, and other key metrics, in order to obtain tools and streamline decisions in business operations.

2.6. Security and compatibility: the software has strong and high security features for maximum protection and protection of all data.

2.7. Support and updates: As part of the service, the company provides comprehensive support from the technical team, which includes support for various malfunctions, system updates from time to time to improve user experiences and improve features, fix bugs and promote the system.

Support channels: Technical support will be provided by contacting via e-mail and/or the messaging application ‘WhatsApp’ and/or by direct message in the ‘chat’ window from the management interface. – Urgent malfunctions or malfunctions that disable the use of the software will be handled by telephone during the answering hours, Sunday-Friday between 10:00 and 16:00.

Requirements for using the software

  1. The use of the software is limited to those aged 18 and over.
  2. Purpose of use: The software is intended for business use by business entities and as defined by the company, and is not intended for personal and/or home use.
  3. Technical requirements: the use of the software requires, among other things, computers that meet the company’s requirements and which will be updated from time to time, as well as periodic software updates, and access to a stable network connection is also required.
  4. Technical knowledge: In order to effectively use and improve the user experience of the software and to optimize its operation in the computer rooms, a basic knowledge of practical computer applications and a basic knowledge of the English language is required.

User registration and account security

  1. Creating an account: using the software involves creating a user account. During the registration to open the account, the user is required to agree to provide accurate, current and complete information about himself (hereinafter: “registration data”), as requested in the registration form.
  2. Account security: The user is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the account and the password for his account, including but not limited to restricting access to the user’s computer and/or account. The user agrees and is aware that the responsibility for any activity or actions that occur under his account and/or using the password for his account, whether the password is in the company’s software, or whether in a third-party service.
  3. Notification: In case of any concern and/or information about a security breach and/or unauthorized use of the personal account, the user must notify the company immediately and without any delay, and the company will not bear any responsibility due to such case.
  4. Use of personal data: By opening the registration account, the user confirms and grants permission to the company to use the registration data, and this for the purpose of providing services and/or access to the software. The company’s collection and use of personal data about the user’s access and use of the software are detailed in the company’s privacy policy.
  5. Account limitations: The company reserves the right to refuse service and/or create accounts and/or remove and/or edit content and/or cancel orders at the company’s sole discretion. The user may not use another’s account without permission. Accounts registered by an automated system and/or “bots” of any kind are not authorized, and will be deleted by the company.
  6. Termination of account: To terminate the use of the software and cancel the subscription to the system, the user must contact and notify the company in writing 30 days in advance.


Refunds and/or cancellations policy

  1. The charge for the use of the software is on a subscription basis (hereinafter: “Subscribers”), where the charge is made in advance on a recurring and periodic basis (hereinafter: “Billing cycle”). Billing cycles are determined on a monthly or annual basis.
  2. Automatic renewal: at the end of each billing cycle, the subscription will be renewed automatically according to the terms of use. To cancel the automatic renewal, the user must contact the company proactively and in writing.
  3. Cancellation: To cancel the subscription and/or to cancel the renewal of the subscription, the user must contact the company at the email address – Such cancellation will take effect 30 days after the notification.
  4. Refunds: Unless otherwise specified in these terms uniquely and/or as required by law, subscriptions cannot be canceled retroactively, and any amount paid for them is non-refundable. Also, no refunds and/or credits will be issued for partial service periods, upgrade/downgrade refunds and/or for periods in which the subscription was not used.
  5. Changes in subscription prices: The company reserves the right and may update the monthly subscription price at any time. As mentioned, an update will be sent to the customer in a reasonable time before the actual update date, and the price update will only take effect at the end of the user’s current billing cycle.
  6. Delay in the payment date: as much as not made

Payment for the monthly subscription fees and/or to the extent that the existing payment method has been rejected, the company may make another billing attempt in order to collect the charge, at any time and without prior notice, and the company may also charge a fee for making a repeat payment and/or a repeat attempt, according to a determination the company and at its discretion. Also, the company is entitled to fully and/or partially block access to the features offered in the subscription, until the payment is settled.

  1. Recurring charges: For any question and/or inquiry about charges made to the user’s account, you can contact the company via email at As excess charges are made, the company will deduct the excess payment from the user’s next billing cycle.


User responsibility and restrictions on use

  1. Only the registered user may log in and/or use the system and the system cannot be activated by another login at the same time.
  2. The user, either by himself or by someone on his behalf, will not perform and/or perform any actions in order to bring about the full and/or partial performance of any action and/or act and/or omission that may lead to damage to the system and/or the company, including All the details as follows:

2.1. Bypass, disable and/or interfere in any other way with the software’s security-related system features and/or features that enforce restrictions on the use of the software.

2.2. damage and/or disrupt password protections that regulate access to the system.

2.3. Permit and/or grant permission to use the system to any third party, except if expressly approved otherwise in the agreement and/or the terms of service.

2.4. Sell and/or rent and/or lease and/or grant a license and/or maintain periodic ownership in the system and/or use it in any service bureau arrangement.

2.5. copy and/or modify and/or adapt and/or translate and/or reverse engineer and/or reverse compile and/or disassemble and/or perform derivative actions and/or derive and/or any attempt to derive, the source code of the system and / or any of the system components.

2.6. Use the system to design and/or develop a competing service and/or product.

2.7. To use automatic means of any kind to gain access to the system and/or system components.

2.8. To take any action which imposes and/or which may impose an unreasonable load on the system infrastructure, according to the standards set by the company and according to the sole discretion of the company.

2.9. Intervene and/or perform any attempt that may interfere with the integrity and/or proper functioning of the system, including enjoyment of using the system by other authorized users.

2.10. remove and/or corrupt and/or hide and/or change the system and/or parts of the system, including any notices of copyrights and/or trademarks and/or other proprietary rights of the company and/or of any third party which are attached and/ or provided as part of the software, as well as to use and/or display commercial symbols of the system that are different from the symbols and trademarks of the company.

2.11. make use of the company’s name and/or the company’s trademark and/or the company’s trademarks, without obtaining prior written consent from the company.

2.12. Publish the results of any comparisons and/or other measurement operations that the customer will conduct on the system, either in the system alone or through a connection with any other software and/or hardware without obtaining prior written consent from the company.

2.13. send and/or upload and/or distribute and/or transfer and/or distribute and/or suggest to another to do any of these, through the system, any illegal and/or defamatory and/or disturbing and/or obscene and/or misleading content, and/or content intended to deceive, and/or that violates any law, and/or any content and/or material and/or file of any kind that may cause and/or lead to viruses and/or worms and/or defects and/or horses Trojans in the system, and/or any other destructive and/or malicious material.

2.14. use the system for any illegal purpose, including use for an illegal purpose through violation of this agreement. The user shall comply with all laws and/or regulations and/or approvals and/or licenses, permits and authorizations according to any law. Also, the user will not perform any use and/or action that may associate the company with an illegal and/or appropriate and/or inappropriate action and/or purpose, as determined by the company and according to the company’s sole discretion.

2.15. Use the software in any manner and/or way that may disrupt and/or damage and/or disable and/or burden and/or damage and/or interfere with the proper use of the system and/or any part and component of the system and the proper use and/or enjoyment of use of any third party in the system.

2.16. Make any attempt in any way, including through hacking and/or password mining and/or by any other means to gain unauthorized access to any part of the software and/or system, which access to said part has not been granted with permission and in writing by the company.

2.17. make use of any automated system, including but not limited to “robots” and/or “spiders” and/or “offline readers” and/or any system and/or means with identical and/or similar features, in order to create access to the system in a manner enabling the sending of increased messages and/or requests to the company’s system servers, which exceeds the average amount of messages and/or requests that a reasonable person could generate in the same period of time.

2.18. use the software for illegal purposes and/or to transmit material that is illegal and/or defamatory and/or harassing and/or defamatory, and/or invasive of another’s privacy and/or offensive and/or threatening and/or harmful and / or vulgar, pornographic, obscene material and / or that offends religious sentiments and / or promotes racism, as well as any material that is harmful and / or may contain a virus and / or software and / or a malicious file, as well as any material that violates and / or may violate rights in intellectual property and/or copyrights and/or other rights of another.

2.19. Use the software to send spam and/or unsolicited messages in any other way and in accordance with any law and/or regulation.

2.20. To carry out in any way, sale and/or trade and/or resale and/or other exploitation of the software for any commercial and/or private purpose, without obtaining prior written consent from the company.

2.21. To decompile and/or reverse engineer in any way and/or any other attempt to obtain and/or make available the source code and/or ideas and/or basic information of the system and/or parts of the system and including all system components.

  1. Violation of the restrictions: a user who has violated the

The terms and/or restrictions stated in this document, in full and/or in part, the company reserves the right to act at its sole discretion, in order to suspend and/or terminate in full and/or in part the user’s access to the system and/or parts and/or permissions in the system, and this, even without any prior notice. Also, the company reserves the right to act and/or take, at its sole discretion, any other action required to protect the integrity and security of the software and its components. Also, the user who violates as mentioned, will be obliged to indemnify and compensate the company for any damage and/or expense that originates and/or was caused due to the violation of the terms and/or restrictions in full and/or in part as detailed in this agreement, and this, immediately upon the company’s first demand .


service level (SLA)

  1. System availability: The company will make commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that the software is available for the maximum number of days in each calendar month, with the exception of maintenance events and/or scheduled updates and/or failure due to force majeure beyond the reasonable control of the company.
  2. Shutdowns in the system: despite the company’s reasonable efforts, the system may experience various disturbances and/or errors of any kind, including errors in the printing functions using the system, and the company will not be held responsible of any kind for damage and/or expense caused as a result of the interruption and/or shutdown and/or or the system error.
  3. The company will act reasonably during shutdowns and/or interruptions as follows:

3.1. Planned and initiated downtime and/or disruption intended for maintenance and/or troubleshooting. In the aforementioned case, the company will make a reasonable effort to notify the user of this a reasonable time before the aforementioned shutdown and/or interruption.

3.2. System unavailability and/or restoration and/or disruption to the proper functioning of the system caused by circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the company, such as, but not limited to, external intervention and/or government agencies and/or force majeure such as floods, fires, earthquakes Earth, civil unrest, acts of terrorism, strikes in the economy and/or operational problems, failures and/or delays of the company’s internet service provider and/or sub-provider and/or cyber attacks that prevent service. In these cases as mentioned, the company will make an effort to inform the user about the existence of the fault in real time.

  1. Customer service: The company will provide support services by sending an email on Monday to Friday between 10:00 and 16:00, according to local time – Israel time. The company aims to promote customer service and respond to all inquiries within one business day. , from the time of receiving the request.
  2. Faults in the software: In the event of faults of any type in the software, the user will apply for a contact service via e-mail as mentioned above, and the company will make a reasonable effort to correct these faults within a reasonable time and subject to the nature and severity of the fault, all in accordance with Zaminotz and the company’s ability to handle the aforementioned fault.
  3. Data backup: The user must proactively and independently back up and save the data existing in the system on the user’s private systems. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the company also operates internal backup mechanisms and maintains an extensive archive for the purpose of securing and saving the data, but the fact of having and carrying out the backups by the company will not impose any kind of responsibility on the company for data loss and/or deletion of data and/or other defects in the data.

Compliance with laws according to law

The user declares and undertakes to comply with all laws and/or regulations applicable according to any law on the use of the software. All activities carried out in the system, including any information and/or data, including registration data provided when opening the user’s account and/or any other data provided to the company by the user, must be carried out as stated in accordance with any law.


The company will not be liable for any direct and/or indirect damage, including for consequential and/or punitive liability, and the company will not be liable for any loss of profits and/or revenues and/or expected and/or unexpected damages, whether caused directly or caused indirectly, and/or for any loss of data and loss of use and/or goodwill and/or other intangible losses resulting from your access to or use of or inability to access or use the Software; Any conduct or content of any third party in the Software, including, without limitation, any defamatory, offensive or illegal conduct of other users or third parties; any content received from the software; or unauthorized access, use or modification of your transmissions or content.

Intellectual Property

The user declares that he is aware that all rights of any kind, proprietary and otherwise, relating to the way the software operates on all its components and its use functions, including copyright, trademarks, the right to royalties, the moral right and the right to make any changes, improvements, adaptations, etc., Any content of a report, draft, document, drawing, plan or application, including opinions, working papers, plans of the company, and any content of any other relevant document (hereinafter: “the products”), are the exclusive property of the company. For the avoidance of doubt, the user may not use the products and/or part of them without obtaining the company’s prior written consent.

third parties

The software may contain features and/or functions of use that are activated with the help of and/or through integration with a third party. In order to use these features and/or functions as mentioned, the user may be required to contact these providers in order to gain access. Also, if the third party that provides a service and/or product and/or function to the system, ceases to provide the same service as mentioned, the company will be entitled and may stop providing these features and/or functions of use. In such a case, as stated, the user will not be entitled to a refund and/or the right to other compensation.


Add payment machines

add the Safer check

Add Safer Cloud





Privacy Policy

  1. Collection of information: for the purpose of operating the system and adjusting it and improving the service, the company collects certain personal data which can contain, among others, the name, e-mail address, postal address and telephone number of the user. The company also collects technical data, such as IP address, browser type, and operating system. The aforementioned information is stored on the company’s secure and guarded servers.
  2. Consent: You are not obligated to provide personal information by law. You hereby agree and declare that the personal information you provide to the Company

Provided of your free will, so that we can provide you with the software services, and you also agree that we will save the information you provided to us in a database and in accordance with the purposes that will be detailed.

  1. Use of “Cookies”: The system uses and may use in the future means of collecting non-personally identifiable information, such as Cookies, Facebook Pixel, Beacons and various other means for its regular and proper operation, including to collect data about your use of it, for statistical information or One that does not identify you personally for movement in the system, for repeated advertising inquiries to you, for verifying your details, for adapting the system to your personal preferences, for adapting the products offered to your personal preferences, for eliminating the need to type your details every time, etc.
  2. Use of information: The company will use the extent according to this privacy policy or according to the provisions of any law and/or authorized authority. Among other things, the company will be entitled to use the information we collect from you to provide the software, maintain and improve it, to communicate with you, monitor the use of the software, and for internal analysis and research.
  3. Electronic direct mail: the company requests and/or may request to send you from time to time by e-mail and/or short text messages (“SMS”) and/or social media and any other online media information regarding its services, the offers available to you as well as advertising information another, of her, of the companies associated with her and of her business partners.

This information will of course be sent to you only if you have given your consent to it or it can be sent to you in accordance with the law. Of course, you can cancel your consent to receiving the messages at any time by sending a “remove” message to the source from which you received the message, or to the email box at the address –

  1. Information sharing: The company is entitled and may share the user’s personal data with third parties in certain circumstances, including but not limited to in accordance with a judicial order, prevention of fraud and/or imminent damage, in the performance of actions by the user that are predicted to violate the agreement and/or in the performance of actions that harm in third parties, as well as for the security of our network and services, or when your actions violate the terms of use. Also, the company will be entitled to do so during a full merger and/or a partial merger of activity with a third party, and in such case, the third party will be obligated to the user to preserve the information in accordance with this privacy policy.
  2. Information security: The company operates and implements current and updated systems and procedures to secure the information it has. Admittedly, these measures significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized intrusion into its database, but they are of course unable to provide perfect security against database hacking and information leakage. The company does not guarantee that its servers will be completely immune from unauthorized access to the information stored in them. To the extent that a hack has been carried out as mentioned and there is a fear that a large amount of information has been exposed (as opposed to small-scale events), the company will work to bring this fact to the user’s attention to the best of its ability.
  3. Third party services: The company’s software may link the user to third party websites and/or services which may also store information and/or make use of “Cookies” files. We are not responsible for the way the third parties operate and/or the privacy policies and/or practices of these third party services, and we recommend that you read the privacy statements of any website that collects personal information from you.
  4. Right to review the information and removal from receiving mailings: the information will be kept in the company’s database.

According to the Privacy Protection Law, 1981-1981, every person has the right to review for himself, or through his attorney as specified in the law, the information about him that is held in a database. Anyone who has reviewed the information relevant to him and finds that it is not correct, complete, clear or up-to-date may Contact us with a request to correct the information or delete it. This process is defined by law and a reference to us will be made via email at the address –

Accordingly, to the extent that you request to remove your details from the list of mailing recipients in accordance with your legal rights, even after you have registered with it, the company will act to the best of its ability to carry out your request with reasonable speed, under the existing circumstances

  1. Change and/or update of the privacy policy: The company reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time. If the company makes material changes to this policy, the company may notify the user through our website, by email, and/or in any way determined by the company.
  2. Contacting: For any questions regarding the company’s privacy policy and/or regarding the data collection practices or the storage of the data in the company’s databases, or if you wish to report any security breaches to the company, please contact us at: